Event Business Tokio Marine Hcc Therd Day. Wednesday 21, trip tu go to Fontanellato visiting The LABIRINTO DELLA MASONE and in the night the Gala Evening at the restaurant Palazzo Boncompagni.

The Labirinto della Masone is a unique place of its kind, where nature and culture dialogue in the name of beauty: from the largest bamboo maze in the world to the collections of art and books, the heritage of the Franco Maria Ricci Foundation is the basis of a rich and varied educational offer for schools of all levels. The vast and controlled environment is the ideal context for carrying out educational courses in safety.

It is the largest existing labyrinth, composed entirely of bamboo plants (in total there are about 200,000), belonging to about twenty different species, between 30 centimeters and 15 meters high. The route is over 3 kilometers long.

Palazzo Boncompagni is located in the historic center, a few hundred meters from Piazza Maggiore and the Due Torri, is Palazzo Boncompagni (now Benelli). Pope Gregory XIII was born in the Palace, who first was Cardinal Ugo Boncompagni, and who lived here – in the family palace – until the ascent to the papal throne on May 13, 1572. Built on the initiative of his father – Cristoforo Boncompagni – in 1537, the Palace it was finished in 1548 and is distinguished by the sober façade still dating back to the fifteenth century and the large decorated portal. On the portal of 1545 there is the papal insignia of Gregory XIII, Ugo Boncompagni. It is a very nice place to dinner and be toghether.

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